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25 HP Kellogg American 462 Air Compressor Pump, Cast Iron, 462 Replacement - FREE SHIPPING! - L800006KAA

Part Number: L800006KAA

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  • Kellogg American
  • K462
  • 25 HP
  • 80 CFM @ 175 PSI
  • 800 RPM max
  • 661 lbs

Kellogg American K462, 25 Horsepower Two Stage Air Compressor Pump (Click for Specs)


  • 200 PSI
  • Two Stage
  • 4 Cylinder, V Configuration
  • 15 - 25 hp rating
  • Operating RPM : 525 - 800 RPM
  • 80 CFM @ 800 RPM and 150 PSI
  • 661 lbs.
  • Free Shipping within lower 48 states
Mount hole spacing is:
16" from the left mounting holes to the right mounting holes
10" from the front mounting holes to the back mounting holes
The wheel is about 25" in diameter. The flywheel is included with this package.
Please contact us for bulk pricing. Thank you!

Replacing the old style 462 series with one replacement pump, Kellogg has consolidated the multiple designs into one new pump design. If you have an old Kellogg 462TV, this is the pump for you.

The Kellogg American 462 is used by a number of air compressor manufacturers, so if the specs match your compressor, and it will mount to your air tank, this pump will work. The listing is for the bare Kellogg Compressor pump and wheel, only. You will need to check the oil level and add compressor oil as necessary upon receipt.