To obtain reliable and satisfactory service, air compressors require a consistent preventative maintenance program. By following these helpful maintenance tips, you can maximize the value of your investment, and prolong your air compressor's lifetime.

  1. Check your compressor regularly!
  2. Check the entire system for air leakage around fittings, connections, and gaskets, using soap and water solution.
  3. Remove rust and oil soiling.
  4. Check fastener tightness by using torque wrench to the corresponding values within the full operations manual.


Location: - Select a clean, dry, and lit location. In cold climates the compressor should be installed in a heated building. Insulate cold water or other low temperature pipes that pass overhead to avoid the possible collection and dripping of condensate onto the compressor and motor, which could cause rusting and/or motor shorting. Do not install compressor in a boiler room, paint spray room, or area where sandblasting is carried on. If air in the area where the compressor is to be installed is acid-laden or dust-laden the compressor intake should be piped to the outside.

Compressor Oil: - Check oil level every week and top off if necessary. Fill the oil tank with recommended oil until the sight glass is ¾ full. For the first 500 hours of compressor operation, a careful and regular check of the oil level should be made. Maintain full oil level at all times. After the first 500 hours, the compressor is now ready to run for extended periods before next lubricant change is required. Maintain full oil level at all times in between oil changes. (For constant run applications in daily use or units subjected to extremely heavy use, change oil monthly.)

Air Filter: - Check and clean air filter every month, making sure the filter is free from debris and functioning properly. - Replace filter element every 1500 hours or every year, whichever occurs first.

Fuel Tank: - If your compressor is gas powered, drain and wet dry vacuum out the fuel tank at least once a year to remove residual build up. You may have to change the filter to remove any remaining bits of debris.  

Maintenance Work Operating hours Weekly / Monthly Yearly
Check oil level and top up, if necessary   Weekly  
Check suction filter and clean, if necessary 500 Monthly  
Replace suction filter cartridge 2000   X
Check safety valve 2000   X
Check cooler for soiling and clean, if necessary 500 Monthly  
Change oil 1.000   Every Year
Check V-belt for damage and replace, if necessary 2.000   X

  By following this simple guide, you will be able not only to acquire the most of your air compressor, but also prolong its lifetime.