Proportional Brake Controllers

Proportional brake controllers automatically matches the force with the trailer brakes. They offer a smoother braking experience because it automatically adapts to any braking situation from a light stop to a heavy emergency braking. With a proportional controller there is no jerking motion from the trailer because the trailer is matching your braking speed. Proportional based controls offer a smooth braking response to almost any stop. Through the use of a sensing device, the brake control can determine the tow vehicle's rate of deceleration and then apply the trailer brakes to match. In other words, Proportional controls deliver power to the trailer brakes in direct relationship to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle. These factors help decrease the break wear; by breaking at the same force, the brake is even on your tow vehicle and trailer. Also, it is safer because in an emergency situation the trailer will not ramp up.  

Time Delay Brake Controllers

A time-delayed brake controller applies your trailer's brakes when the brake pedal in your tow vehicle is engaged. On most models the time and the initial braking power is adjustable. Time delayed systems slow your trailer using preset brake settings and on how long your foot’s on the brake. A time-delayed brake controller doesn't rely on sensing the braking motions of the tow vehicle. This allows you to mount the controller at any angle. To determine which levels are best for your application, you must test out your towing setup and choose what feels best. By having an "old" technology, they are cheaper and can be mounted in any location on your tow vehicle. However, it causes an uneven wear between the trailer and the tow vehicle.