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ESCO 40322 Brake Safe, Type 30 Chamber & Long Stroke Type 16L, 20L, 24L, W/ 1/2" Clevis Pin

Part Number: 40322

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Brake Safe
  • High quality steel fabrication for extended operational life.
  • All metal components are zinc plated fpr dependable corrosion resistance.
  • Universal formats for power units and trailers.
  • One piece pre-measured refernce unit.
  • Tooled clevis indicator pin with integrated pointer.
  • Plastic indicator and reference pin sleeves are both fade and temperature resistant.
  • Minimal assembly required. Install in minutes with regular shop tools.
  • Full workmanship warranty.
  • Easy-to-see indicator pins ensure adjustment accuracy during visual checks.
  • Reduces time required for pre-trip inspections.
  • Reduces down time caused by improper or unnecessary brake adjustments.
  • Eliminates need to crawl under truck or trailer to measure brake adjustment.
  • Protects against heavy fines and roadside detainment for out-of-adjustment brakes.
  • Promotes balanced braking and ensures maximum braking capacity in normal and emergency situations.
  • Cost effective whether you have a large fleet or just one unit.