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Ranch Rite DM-165 - 65" Drum Hay Mower

Part Number: 570007

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The DM-165 is a 65" drum hay mower that is capable of mowing faster than any disc mower of the same size. With two large drums, and a simple design, the DM-165 is rugged and ready to work.


  • 65" Cutting Width
  • Included PTO w/ Clutch
  • 3 point hitch, cat 2 or cat 1 connection.
  • Quick Change Blades (3 per Drum)
  • Perfect for 30+ HP Tractors
  • Shipped with oil in it, you may have to add some. For refill it uses Gear Oil SAE140 / 85W-140
  • 900 lbs
  • Price includes Free Freight Shipping in the Continental United States.
  • Assembly Instructions and Operation Manual are available online at
This mower cuts a 5-1/2 foot swath with two, large drums and can cut 30% faster than a similar sized disc mower. Because of this, you don't need a giant, heavy implement hanging off the side of your tractor to get your fields cut faster. The drums rotate in reverse from one another, leaving behind a perfect windrow. The mower connects to the tractor with a 3 point hitch, cat 2 or cat 1 connection.
Drum mower pivots from the connecting point to the tractor so it will swing to the side. It does not lift (no manual lift). If you want lift please look at our Disc Mowers.
This proven, European mower is made especially for us in our Ranch Rite Blue and comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY!
We stock all replacement parts and can get you back up and running by shipping out the same day you order.

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