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Regular Price: $799.99

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Regular Price: $799.99

Special Price $649.99

Stabilizer Jacks

The Heavy Duty Trailer Stabilizer is used to support and level the trailer while it is sitting or being loaded and unloaded at the loading dock. The HST-400 uses a 2 speed gearbox for making fast contact with the trailer. With both an oversized top plate and base plate, the HST-400 is designed to securely hold the trailer in place. The Stabilizer Stand (ST-100) has an integrated carrying handle, and the adjuster pulls have vinyl grips, making transporting and adjusting the ST-100 to the trailer fast and easy. Zafety Lug locks provide a clear visual check of lug nut security and reduce the risk of wheel loss and potential liability for personal injury, loss of life or property damage.

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  1. Butler 100,000# Trailer Stabilizer - HST-400G-C Dock Safety Stand

    Regular Price: $850.00

    Special Price $650.00

    This Butler Products safety stand is perfect for your shipping and receiving department's safety. This unit is truly over-built and will keep you OSHA compliant.
  2. Butler HST-101811 - Stabilizer Hand Grip
    Call for Price and Availability
    Stabilizer Hand Grip
  3. Butler HST-400G-C Stabilizer Tire - 320147

    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price $99.99

    As low as: $85.99
    This is the tire and wheel assembly for the Butler HST-400

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